About Mili :)

​Welcome to the world of an untamed writer and an uncaged soul! Goals of becoming a philanthropist, educationist and an environmentalist.| A die heart and strong minded feminist.| Completely Bohemian By spirits ♡| A Pluviophile♡| I will roar with my voice till it becomes hoarse and sounds like that of a lioness, and I’ll fight till my last breath so my voice reaches everyone.| white flags… unclipped wings… inks| 

Maliha, is a young girl who studying Social Sciences from Szabist,while is exploring her deep passion for writing. She intends to envast her horizons in the field of sustainable development, international development and intends to work as an educationist and women rights activist. 

Her writings are mainly inspired by conceps of Kintsukuroi, Ying Yang and wabi sabi. She loves to highlight the issues of ineffective parenting, problems faced by young students in third world countries due to inefficiant and untrained teachers and teaching methods, feminist issues and about self discovery.