“Happy birthday!!” He said to me and before I could say anything he continued, “So what is it that you want from me? What is it That I can do for you to make you Happy? To make your day?”  
Ummmmm hah I smiled in this unquivering manner and A thousand wishes began to sprout in my mind… like a small child standing in a huge toy shop having to choose one toy out of all of these. He wants all but he’s gotta have one. Or like a child standing infront of all the different kinds of candies and chocolates in a candy shop, He wants to eat all of them, His mouth already watering with the memory of how his favorite candies have ever tasted. But theres only so much one can have! 

Likewise, just like a small kid for a moment I wished I could have all of him. Every little piece. All of his good and bad, His bright and darkest sides, His tragedies and his strengths. To share all the good and bad moments of the remaining life with him. His Late night conversations and his morning yawns. I wanted to share his ambitions and fears. I wanted All of him to be completely mine.

For a moment I felt my mouth watering with the taste of his love which my memories hold so strongly, I wanted it all back.

But theres only so much I could have! Theres only so much He wanted to give. 

“You wished and even thats so much to me. Thank you”  was all I decided to say to him. 

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