The facade of being fine. 

It builds up inside you like a thousand tiny droplets in an otherwise simple cloud, rage upon rage. Like a thousand swirls in the ocean, your intestines seem to curl up over and over again pushing it up your throat. Your breaths go heavier each time and your eyes begin to fill the waters up just like the sky trailers the storm with heavy grey clouds and darkness. Your vision begins to blur and you start feeling the lump in your throat because you need to tell it out loud so badly. 
But don’t you remember your last promise? You will never cry for them…. Ever again. Never for the one’s who make you feel invisible. So you take a huge gasp of air in deeply to push that lump inside and hastily wipe away the tears that were already on their way. 

Thats how She succeeds to create the facade of being fine. The successful trial of playing it cool. And thats how her life is one of the shades of those grey, you will never know! 

Yes, you’ll never know.

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