My Favorite fantasies turned into my dark secrets. My favorite people became those I wanna hide from. Those which have given me my ugliest scars. I look at them and it makes me question if they are the same or if the universe has flip changed for me because anyone who I love ends me up hating them and myself too. People change and their love disappears as though time is the only thing that matters and as though people are hallways of museums, only meant to be strolled in and to be visited. It has hit me once and the prevalent hurt seems to have seeped deep in my bones like a poisonous chemical which is continuously cracking them down to keep me away from trusting anyone anymore. It has killed all the blooming flowers of love from my heart and fetched away the glorious memoir of pleasant moments and people that I once beheld. I watch myself in the mirror and it refuses to recognize Me. Is it me who has changed? or is it the mirror which is against Me? Its like a tiny droplet of dark black ink spreading in crystal clear water. 

Sorrows my dear…… Sorrows. It starts with just a tiny single drop of the sorrow which you allow to enter your soul and let it stay. Not even knowing that its presence will both, spread like the prevailing dark after the sun sets, and stagnate your soul till it begins to stink with hurt and suffering. The suffering which you caused to yourself by that one decision of keeping that sorrow. Sorrow attracts sorrows and just like that one droplet keeps on spreading till the whole water turns black, till the whole sparkle dims….. Till the whole purity vanishes. All your internal Peace ceases to exist and your soul become dark. 

If you do not know how this feels, be glad and know that someone once wrote to you about it. Know that I am already telling you that once it happens to you, you will always wish to undo it. You will wish to cleanse out your heart of all that you suffer more than anything. So make a decision today, that you will not let sorrows overtake your happiness. Don’t let drop inside, don’t let it stay…. I hope you remember that someone once told you that your inner peace and bliss is amongst those few things you should never sacrifice. Do not let it be taken away by tiny sorrows.

 Forgive people, situations, and most importantly your own self and let it float away. For the sake of your own happiness. 

I hope your inner light stays triumphant over the darkness of worldly sorrows.

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