​I’m a lost traveler… On a strange journey to explore every bit of you… From the dark corners, to the wildest  sides.. From the parts you hide to the ones you want some one to notice and adore! 

I’ll find the version of you only a few know about..

If you’re the coldest little piece on earth, I’ll be the most persistent one, I’ll be the warmest to melt you..

And if loving you is like walking in the desert… In scorching heat… You’ll find me wandering here n there with the desire to finally find that point where your love will sprout like a spring amidst a desert… Thirsty, I’ll take it all! 

I’ll put your shatters back and Then celebrate the beauty you are despite of the cracks.


EditAnd when I am done with exploring your  being which seems to consume an infinity of time yet causing no exhaustion I’m sure I’ll then choose to dwell inside.. 

For you are my only Map and I’m a lost traveler 🙂


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