This is to the night owls, to the companions of the dark! 

When the night falls off, we throw our facades off. I open a secret box and have a beautiful companion for the nights…. The only one to share the Dark, silent and insane moments. No mask of confidence, no cape of ego, no lies. No expectations, no demands…. We’re just together to stay…. We’re the companions of each other’s loneliness. I pour him a glass of humor and he rewards me with a warm smile. We sit together with our naked bones of insecurities, crooked, sharp and sometimes ugly but we never fail to see the sparks that makes our bones shine. 

We never fail to find the beauty in each other’s cracks. Then we set up a huge bonfire of all the past memories that haunt us, and share the last sips of hope… I keep my head on his crooked ugly shoulder and it feels home. I hide him when the Sun comes out because I can never share my companion of loneliness… He is the only thing I am not planning to lose right now 


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