But I have a way to go, I have a purpose too. 

​It took me this long of a time of my life to know what it takes to make so many people love you. 
It is when I blossomed that I started to realize that the garden is full of viewers, applauders, the buyers and the unjustified pluckers. Standing under the spotlight of all this mere and temporary attention I scream internally every single day. I scream of my identity for I have been here before….. Since long. 

Let not this phase of blossom mark my utmost importance to you for I have been a tiny seed and it took a lot of strength to fight out of the hard ground. Then I have been a small plant struggling through harsh winds and showing awe inspiring bravery. Today, I am blooming, don’t pluck my beauty off please. Don’t appreciate me only for my colors and patterns and curves. I am a lot more than this. Nurture me, I have a purpose too. I will become a tree one day, an example of strength to you. I have my fruits that I will bear for you. 
Don’t pluck my blossoms off for this is my blooming season, I have a way to go….I have a purpose too. ❤ 

-Mili, Loquendi•

#feminism #women #growth #purpose #strength


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